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Willow Creek Trout and Nature Reserve is 25km from Dullstroom, in South Africa. Unique features abound in this beautiful area of Mpumalanga. Endless outdoor activities ensure that there is something available for all.

Flyfishing in Dullstroom

Dullstroom is known as the trout fishing mecca of South Africa.
Willow Creek Trout and Nature reserve boasts 4 well-stocked on-site dams. The perennial Waterfalls River runs through the property, giving you 3.5 km of natural river trout fishing.
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Bird and Game Watching

The Steenkampsberg Mountains on Mpumalanga in South Africa, are home to an abundance of wild life and bird life. Dedicate eco-architects focus on improving the quality and quantity of the indigenous plant, grass and animal life in the area.

Mountain Biking

If you're a mountain biking enthusiast, then bring along your bikes. Mountain bike trails are soon to be laid out, but in the meanwhile you can enjoy cycling down the country lanes of Willow Creek. Pack your picnic lunch, and take your family into the mountains, along the streams and through the forests of Willow Creek Trout and Nature Reserve.



Flyfishing in Dullstroom

Birdwatching in Mpumulanga
Mountain Biking


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Mpumalanga, South Africa - More Unique Features

Dullstroom is 2075 metres above sea level making it the highest town in South Africa. This also makes it the coldest town in South Africa - so Willow Creek is your perfect winter time weekend getaway;

Willow Creek Trout and Nature Reserve is nestled in the Steenkampsberg mountains of Mpumalanga, South Africa . The unique micro-climate of this area makes it a home to bird species not seen elsewhere in the country.

Dullstroom used to be a sleepy little village in the mist belt. But the seeding of a few trout fingerlings has turned it into the last Scottish outpost in Africa!

Other Attactions at Dullstroom

Visit the Dullstroom Bird of Prey & Rehabilitation Centre. There are two presentations daily where eagles, owls, falcons and hawks fly for the visitors. You can get a close up photo of the birds and even handle some of them!

Go shopping in Dullstroom. The town abounds with quaint shops selling unique bric-a-brac. Or enjoy a pancake at the famous Harries Pancakes Restaurant.

Events near Willow Creek

There are things to do in this area of Mpumalanga all year around, and Willow Creek is ideally situated giving you easy access to great markets, festivals and sporting events. Bookmark this page and come back regularly to get more information on these happenings.

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